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Microsoft Acquires Sponsors for Series

June 17, 2007

Microsoft has enlisted two major brands as sponsors for a pair of web-only video shows, reports The Associated Press.

The shows, Driving School and This is the Life, will be featured on the MSN Web site and come courtesy of Reveille, the production company responsible for The Office and Ugly Betty. Volvo will sponsor Driving School, and This is the Life links to a current campaign from Chivas Regal.

Microsoft and Reveille have partnered for content before, turning out a number of shows in the last twelve months. “Chef to the Rescue,” a product placement for Kraft, proved successful for the food manufacturer.

The two new shows will debut in the next six months. MSN is trying to create engaging content to improve its sixth-place ranking among video hubs.


Study: Product Reviews More Effective with Video

June 7, 2007

A new study by ExpoTV, a web startup that invites users to submit video reviews on products, finds roughly one out of three web users find product reviews have more impact when accompanied by video content, reports DMNews.

The study polled 300 broadband users by asking them what their ideal product-research method would be. 36 percent chose the video-review as their ideal scenario.

Dailymotion VS youtube

June 3, 2007

The two large competitors clash on the Net and it is Dailymotion which gives the tone with this video. See rather what follows.

Neutrogena to Launch Online Reality Show

June 1, 2007

Neutrogena kicks off a new campaign that revolves around a proprietary online reality show called OneLessStress, reports PROMO Magazine.

The show follows three women in their twenties as they compete in seven stress-related challenges set in New York City. The show, which runs until the end of August, also features tips from experts and celebrity host Hayden Panettiere of NBC’s Heroes.

The promo also includes a sweepstakes to win a trip to the Bahamas. People can enter by watching a webisode and answering three questions based on its events. The website offers additional features like a stress quiz and an online Zen garden.

Finally, women can enter a chance to star in the webisode by uploading a video describing how they deal with stress.

The move is one result of growing incorporation of audience input or contributions into entertainment produced by major brands. Other such examples include Vuguru’s Prom Queen, which seeks amateur band inclusion for its soundtrack, and LonelyGirl15’s KateModern, which incorporates audience suggestions into the show’s plotline.