Online Video Changes Game For Brand Marketers


Two years ago when online video burst onto the scene, the growth engine behind it was centered on consumer-driven uploading and sharing of video clips. At the time, commercial media companies were trying to take advantage of the migration of audiences to the Web and also open up new revenue streams through online video advertising.

Today, the growth engine behind online video has shifted dramatically. Video has expanded well beyond the media industry and into nearly every corner of the professional Web, as corporations, governments, non-profits and educational institutions look to use video as a cornerstone of how they communicate, market and inform on the Web.

With the explosion of online video adoption in the last two years, savvy marketers are now using video across their business to help build their online community, evangelize their products and engage directly with customers. The following examples are all our clients, but the video trend applies across many industries.

Building a community

Vanden Borre leverages online video to help build community interactions and enhance the experience of its vendors, drivers, partners and employees. The company uses online video extensively for product education, corporate communications and product launches through his web TV. Community members and employees have on-demand access to a large library of video content, as well as the ability to comment on and rate the content to help foster ongoing engagement and interaction.

Evangelize your product

Eurostar recognized early on in the Web 2.0 era that video was a powerful force in promoting its brand and reaching customers directly. When Eurostar launched its “Royal Guard Cheeese Game” campaign, the main video was placed on YouTube as a teaser to drive traffic back to the full campaign website, where users could experience a full video game based on  the mastermind concept. The campaign drove thousands of viewers to the site.

Boost customer engagement

Other companies like the CarGlass and PoolCover have launched online video initiatives to engage with customers in a more visual, impactful way. CarGlass take care of hundreds of client in his service centers around Belgium, so during the waiting time, the client stay informed about the new services and products of the company with a cost effective budget.

PoolCover has launched a comprehensive online video initiative to educate consumers on its range of products. This has proven to be extremely effective, as consumers making high-consideration purchases value the opportunity to see the product in action online. This can be accomplished more effectively through the use of video versus static images and text.

Online video has certainly become a powerful tool for marketers to expand their brand presence and reach customers and prospects in a new way. These companies recognize that when it is done effectively, video can be a major force in opening direct-to-consumer communications.


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