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Jeep: Come Play with Our Brand

March 27, 2007

The latest company to invite user participation in its advertising efforts is Jeep, which launched a series of efforts seeking to increase consumer engagement, according to AdAge.

The effort, which will support the new Patriot SUV, will include print and online components. Online, the site will feature a “choose your own adventure” game. Players navigate their way through the film “The Way Beyond Trail” and make decisions, some of which will lead them to dead-ends. Visitors are then encouraged to build a list of their real friends who can come in and provide an exit from that predicament.



Royal Guard Cheeese Game

February 14, 2007

Royal Guard Cheeese Game

For the entertaining agency Cherry And Cake, we programmed a flash video game, a kind of Mastermind. If you get the correct combination, the guard laughs and you make a chance to win a trip to London. Another nice reference.

Viral for Plug Mobile

December 4, 2006

Viral website for Plug Mobile

For the launching of PlugMobile, we produced and developed a viral action in partnership with Inspire ByTheWay. On basis of a well shifted concept and after an incredible shooting, the viral one is now on line :