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Apple TV Sets Ambitious Goals

April 2, 2007

Set to launch any day now, Steve Jobs’s Apple TV is touted as a leap in technology linking the internet with the living room – but it may just be a step toward such integration.
To retail for $299, Apple TV is “sort of a cross between a Mac Mini, a wireless router, and a set-top box, which couch potatoes can use to connect a big-screen television with a Mac or PC,” writes CNET. The device would allow people to buy content through Apple’s iTunes service to watch on TV.

However, the Apple TV is not likely to become the end-all device for the digital living room. Cable providers already offer a slew of on-demand high-definition offerings, but Apple TV won’t support the fullest resolution and iTunes doesn’t offer any movies or TV shows in high def.

What the new product may do, however, is replace the DVD player. The convenience and useability of Apple TV and iTunes may give Blockbuster and Netflix a run for their money.