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Canadian cops recruit in Second Life

July 25, 2007

Canadian cops recruit in Second Life

Last month, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) held a recruitment seminar in Second Life. Yes, you read that right: recruiting law enforcement officers through a virtual world. The idea, the VPD said, was to target a generation who are extremely web-savvy. If they are early adopters venturing into a virtual world, then they must know a thing or two about new technology and how to operate efficiently online.

Like so many new initiative in Second Life, this one feels like a rather expensive PR exercise, designed to cash on the virtual world’s hype. However, further into The Vancouver Sun’s report, are a number of telling quotes from Inspector Kevin McQuiggin, head of the police department’s tech crimes division, which suggest that the exercise may actually have more merit — in the longer term, at least.


Weather Channel Launches Second Life Island

April 5, 2007

The Weather Channel has launched Weather Island, a new weather-themed digital destination in virtual world Second Life, reports Media Week.

Besides providing simulations of various weather conditions, Weather Island features an extreme sports park for Second Life avatars to play in; they can virtually ski and mountain-bike, and eventually will be able to surf.

Second Life residents can also watch video snippets of the cable network’s series on the island, including the recently launched Epic Conditions. Eventually, the island will host premieres of new shows.

The Weather Channel’s plan is to eventually open up the virtual island to marketers.

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