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Streaming Perspective

August 29, 2007

Keynote Streaming Perspective® measures the quality and reliability of streaming media the way your users experience it. With operational monitoring, performance trending, and competitive benchmarking, Streaming Perspective gives you reliable performance data you need to deliver an excellent user experience every time. From connect time to rebuffer events, Streaming Perspective provides the true picture of your audio and video stream delivery. It gives you the insight you need for infrastructure planning, and provides the most effective early warning system to help you resolve performance and availability issues in real time.

Powered by Keynote’s global test and measurement network, Streaming Perspective provides a comprehensive view of stream performance. With geographically diverse measurement agents that use the latest media players, Streaming Perspective gives you the industry’s most accurate and representative measurements. Keynote’s streaming quality metric — StreamQ™ — has become the industry standard for measuring the true user experience.