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Pousser mémé dans sa Web TV

November 25, 2008

Bienvenue sur Amakusa TV, première chaîne de télé nippone sur Internet présentée par des mamies. Au Japon, pays de 36276 centenaires, Shino-chan 105 ans et Mi-chan 84 ans, comptent parmi les nouvelles coqueluches du PAF nippon.

Le studio de la chaîne est basé dans la baie de Shimabara, à Hondo, petite ville au sud ouest du Japon. Là les gens vivent de la pêche, de l’agriculture, de la riziculture ou de l’artisanat. Leur vie quotidienne et leur us et coutumes constituent le coeur des programmes d’Amakusa TV. Avec des mots simples et le sourire, les mamies en blouson rose commentent les affaires locales, dénonce la pollution maritime ou défend le patrimoine de la région.

Les trois mamies sont devenues des stars du YT nippon : 46000 internautes ont suivi leur reportage sur la pêche et la consommation d’étoiles de mer.


The Marvellous Flying Box

October 20, 2008

Cet automne, Ebuco sera en tournage d’une nouvelle web série The Marvellous Flying Box. Une grosse machine se met en place ! Plus d’infos prochainement…

Web TV daily broadcast on DH web site

October 26, 2007

To mark the launch of the new season of ‘Star Academy’ on TF1, the Derniere Heure will transmit a daily broadcast on its internet site:

For the first time, Derniere Heure will be involved in such an event with IPM and Endemol. Never before in fact, has a daily newspaper managed to produce its own daily web TV in relation to an event!

All videos are, of course, accessible on a dedicated channel on YouTube and Dailymotion.
Presented by a well-matched duo, this web TV is produced by Ebuco Digital Production.

First Web-reality show: The Next Internet Millionaire

August 14, 2007

This August 15, the Web TV will cross a step moreover. After TV-reality here comes Web-reality. The show, which is entitled The Next Internet Millionaire, was imagined by Joel Comm, author of the books “Making Money with AdSense”, “Advantageous Websites Fast! ” and in addition author of the blog Make Money Online.

There is no doubt that you will have included/understood the orientation of the new Web TV show 12 candidates (6 men and 6 women) come from the United States, of Canada, of the United Kingdom and Costa Rica will clash and be eliminated with the liking from meetings from formation on the manner of quickly generating million dollars via the Web-business.

My interest for this project is not so relative at its contents but rather concerning the way the authors will integrate the features from Web 2.0. Successes of this project depends on it.

There are indeed many ways of making this program interactive and attractive: the vote of the candidates, the mode of diffusion, the choice of the tests which the candidates must carry out,… Are the authors ready has to let the community interact on the evolution of the program. If not it will be only one simple reality TV show moreover, as we saw hundreds of them since many years. Tomorrow we will see whether the bet is successful.


YouTube Taps 50 Cent to Find Next Great Hip-Hop Star

August 2, 2007

YouTube is seeking the next hip-hop star in the US with the help of artists 50 Cent, Common and Polow da Don.

The competition, titled OntheRise Rap Edition, is a follow-up to last year’s Underground contest, and according to TechCrunch, three hip-hop stars will judge the acts that enter.

Unsigned artists who have big dreams have until August 17 to submit their demo video to YouTube. The final winner will be announced Sept. 7.


The future American Idol ?
The strategy of YouTube is cleared up. They become THE Channel.

Neutrogena to Launch Online Reality Show

June 1, 2007

Neutrogena kicks off a new campaign that revolves around a proprietary online reality show called OneLessStress, reports PROMO Magazine.

The show follows three women in their twenties as they compete in seven stress-related challenges set in New York City. The show, which runs until the end of August, also features tips from experts and celebrity host Hayden Panettiere of NBC’s Heroes.

The promo also includes a sweepstakes to win a trip to the Bahamas. People can enter by watching a webisode and answering three questions based on its events. The website offers additional features like a stress quiz and an online Zen garden.

Finally, women can enter a chance to star in the webisode by uploading a video describing how they deal with stress.

The move is one result of growing incorporation of audience input or contributions into entertainment produced by major brands. Other such examples include Vuguru’s Prom Queen, which seeks amateur band inclusion for its soundtrack, and LonelyGirl15’s KateModern, which incorporates audience suggestions into the show’s plotline.